“Engineering Colleges Manufacturing Rank Producing Machines”

This article is to solely criticize the engineering education taking place in Tamil Nadu (since i’am witnessing it I can comment upon it).The word “Engineering” when you browse the dictionary goes this way “practical application of the scientific ideas” but in reality Engineering education in Tamil Nadu goes only for theoretical knowledge and rank statistics.As one of my friend’s puts it,”Its just an Extended High School for us”.Keeping the statistics in mind Tamil Nadu produces about 1.5 Lac engineers every year out of which only 15% are employable.The graph between employability and the number of students passing out is very disheartening.There are just two prime reasons for this:
  • First of all,Students today are taking up engineering without having any sort of interest or passion behind it.The placement and hefty initial salary in IT Sector are forcing parents in this competitive world to make their child take engineering so that he will be placed and settle in his life.What this preconceived notion has achieved?? It has just increased the amount of engineering colleges which is useless. 
  • Next comes the engineering colleges.Debarring a few good engineering colleges, majority of colleges just manufacture rank producing machines instead of making them competent professionals.When a colleges performs well in University exams its name becomes popular among public during the next year’s admissions.Using their name, they charge exorbitant fees in the name of donation for students coming under management quota.

There is just one solution for both these problems.The solution is that the parents should understand the student’s interest and choose their fields accordingly.On the other hand, engineering colleges should also focus more on seminar’s,paper presentations,personality development programs which will make students to be connected with demanding skill sets in corporate sector.Hope,at least in 10 years from now we have real “engineers”in Tamil Nadu……  

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