IPL-“Cricket Beyond Boundaries”

The Indian Premier League has become an household term and has gone stronger year after year.Cricket in India is something more than a sport, its just like a rain bearing clouds which unites every Indian together into one single thought of victory and gets dispersed when the victory showers are down poured.Though, IPL was started exploiting the love of cricket in India it has achieved many positive things besides revenue.Before the advent of Club cricket concept there were many long lasting feuds between two countries,two players etc., but now cricketers from different countries who had fought before on cricket field  years together play in a single team.Its amazing to see when people of same club congratulate each other even when they are playing against representing the nation.There is pun in this title IPL-“Cricket beyond boundaries” the first meaning is people from different countries play together surpassing barriers and the second meaning is the cricket boundary keeping in mind that most of runs are scored outside the boundary…..     

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