MAN-You have made this world a misery????

Scientifically speaking the entire universe began from a small spot of matter which bursted itself to form Planet Earth and all other planets in solar system.This concept is popularly called as Big Bang Theory.Then came all living species on Earth starting from amoeba to Homo sapiens(Man).

Though, man is an animal he considers himself superior to other animals and started conquering them one by one.Interestingly, he didn’t leave the harmless plants also which gave him oxygen to breathe.He then started exploiting nature for his own needs and created territories and barriers across places and called them countries and continents.Then came science and technology where he created numerous things under the impression of uplifting mankind.Then created money for buying things and started valuating everything under the sky in terms of Money.Found that the smallest thing in this universe is an atom and also derived immense energy to use it for mankind.These things didn’t make him happy.Then, he decided to go beyond the sky and saw space with his eyes….

After such numerous discoveries and inventions, man felt the pinch of losing harmless tress and started thinking of ecosystem balance.Then, started propagating about the importance of trees and the impact of animals in ecosystem.Man you are indeed the everlasting mystery in this world and the real truth about this superior animal is yet to be unrevealed

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