“The Magic Of Chennai Super Kings”

Chennai, the fastest developing city in the southern coastal strip of India is a great place to be.Though Chennai has maintained a low profile in global arena when compared with Delhi and Mumbai, the club cricket IPL has propelled Chennai popularity to the top of the world.When compared with all other teams in IPL,Chennai has been the most consistent and dependable team under the leadership of M.S.Dhoni.

The reason for Chennai stupendous success is still a mystery yet to be solved.Its a mystery because every member of the team is responsible for its victory at different situations.Another prime reason for its consistent performance is Chennai’s love for cricket and the crowd which appreciated good cricket played in M A Chidambaram Stadium.

The captaincy of Dhoni is something I have always cherished.The way in which he uses his resources in amazing.Some of his bowling changes and field placements are magical and his intuition has always backed him.

As IPL reaches every household when players perform well they become stars overnight and also get a chance to represent the country.The quality of cricket played by CSK yesterday on final encounter was first class.The excelled in every department of team and kept their winning momentum alive.Some foreign players such as Doug Bollinger and Bravo give their 100% for every game who are assets for the team.Talking about local players Ashwin, Vijay and Badrinath though have not represented the international level they have showed immense character and talent and has brought laurels to Chennai.

Ashwin has quoted that Chennai has become “Manchester United of IPL” and another interesting comment which I read somewhere goes this way “Nine teams are fighting hard for IPL final against Chennai and always lose it in Final Frontier”.In Tamil,Chennai Super Kings ikku Whistle Pode Machi 🙂

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