“The Untouched Art Of Making Money”

How many Indians know about Nifty and Sensex? Sensex and Nifty are parameters which reflect India’s economy in the global arena. Companies which have public holdings are listed in stock markets and people who wish to buy stocks of a company can buy it in cash or as derivatives. Indians especially are rooted to traditional way of investing such as land, gold, silver, fixed deposits etc. People fail to understand that return on equity (stock) investments surpasses all other forms of investment. If people start investing in stocks directly or indirectly both the individual and the country’s economy is benefitted. One interesting fact is that India holds maximum hoarded gold than any other country, yet the country is still in developing stage. Indians are fond of gold in the form of ornaments the return on this is very abysmal. Post second millennium India and China are the fastest growing economies. Understanding India’s accelerating growth many foreign investors are into Indian markets yet many Indians fail to get into stock markets. America’s prosperity largely relies upon stock markets where about 95% of population invest directly or indirectly in comparison with India’s less than 3%.Experts say that considering India’s population if this figure becomes 8% India can record high economic growth and our markets need not depend on foreign institutional investors (FII’s). The reason why “Rich become richer and Poor become Poorer” is not because of lack of money but lack of knowledge of making money. I hope this article becomes an eye-opener for many Indians who will make our country into an economic superpower and invest wisely.  

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