What Life Means To Me!!!!

The Philosophy of Life is something which I have been wondering about for quite sometime now.Basically as a person with an excessive love for science and technology, I started relating textbook definitions with lessons for life and found many similarities.Let me tell you some of my observances:

  • Inelastic Collision according to textbook definition is one in which during collision kinetic energy is not conserved which results in vibrational energy of atoms,heating effect and deformation of bodies which take part in these collisions.Similarly,even in LIFE when an inelastic fight takes place between two lovable persons in which none is conserving the love it results in vibration of thoughts in mind,increases anger(heat) and finally they separate (bodies deformed).
  • Secondly, comes the word which has to be bountiful in every human soul-Self Belief.A man with self belief is like Leaded Petrol,he energizes the vehicle(himself) and radiates the same in his ambiance (leaded petrol doesn’t harm the atmosphere).Similarly,a man without self belief is like unleaded petrol he spoils the vehicle(himself) and the atmosphere around him by generating pessimism all around. 

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