Global Warming and Carbon Footprint

Global warming is a term well known to many students and almost to all the metropolitan population but do we realize the impending problem it possesses? This is a question still left unanswered… Talking about a typical middle class urban household, refrigerator and air conditioner has become a necessity which are prime contributors of global warming. Besides understanding the theoretical implications of ozone depletion, global warming, carbon footprint we rarely do implement it practically.

I don’t ask people to do great things but even small contributions can harm our planet earth less. One such small contribution is using the AC in comfort zone of 24 celsius to 27 celsius which will reduce the work on compressor and rapidly decrease the poisonous gases coming out from it. Another thing is to maintain a small garden in your household and watering the plants regularly. Its serves as an excellent past time and nurtures the ecosystem simultaneously. Adding to these minuscule efforts always switch off your electrical appliances after use.

Our stay on this earth is temporary. When our lease of life on earth ends we have to return it to our owner GOD as it is to allow forthcoming lessee live on it peacefully. Though, we can’t give an extremely comfortable earth we ought to give a functional earth at least. So, dear friends use the scientific advancements judiciously and make our earth a better place.

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