India’s Unrevealed Truth!!!!

A country which was chased by westerners for its enormous resources was captured.Besides exploiting her to the core they injured the hosts of soil physically, mentally, financially. Then after 250 years of ailing pain, the boon called independence came to her with help of a man who fought a war without fighting.Yes, I’am talking about Our India and Mahatma Gandhi.They were westerners and India known for its forgiving nature left them unhurt.But when Indians are stabbing their own countrymen through Bribery and Corruption, I just can’t take this lightly.

The entire ray of corruption scandals starting from Commonwealth games till the 2G scam has left a deep hurt in Indian Hearts…I call it a ray because this seems going on and on every day something comes out to keep media interested.How can the government maintain silence when trillions of Indian rupees is left stagnant in a foreign bank when people are suffering to fulfill their hunger and thirst?In a country where a court has to intervene to give excess wheat thrown on streets to hungry people someone should step up and put a full stop for all this nonsense.

Media and television news channels have played a huge role in keeping these scandals fresh in minds of people.Politicians now have started fearing the media before doing anything wrong and media as a representative of people should go stronger.But one thing I find it hard to understand is that these channels conduct do called “debate” every night where the news makers come and talk channel after channel which is of no use..Unless some solution is got talking about what has happened is a mere waste.

The solution for concurrent system problem in India lies only in hands of people.Every thing in India is complex and needs a revamp in tune with modern developments of science and technology.What I recommend is that we need ideas from all concepts such as communism,capitalism etc., extract the good out of it and bring an everlasting progressive change in this Wonderful Country!!! Jai Hind

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