Mesmerizing Matheran!!!

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If you want to unwind, sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing charm of nature then Matheran is the place for you.The calmness, tranquility and eerie silence definitely makes Matheran an unforgettable experience.Located at an elevation of 800-meter above sea level, this place boasts of its panoramic views and breathtaking charm.Despite the thousands of visitors coming to visit Matheran throughout the year, this place still remains unspoilt because its an eco-sensitive region where vehicles and plastics are banned.Being the smallest hill station in India and located at radius of 100 kms from metro cities Mumbai and Pune makes Matheran a popular urban gateway.The best time to visit Matheran would be in monsoon season in which the waterfalls,misty mountains and vividly green forests come alive!!

What shouldn’t You Miss?

The Panorama point that provides  a  360 degree view of surrounding areas is a glorious site to our eyes.The sunrise and sunset at this point is captivating.Exploring thorough the old British Architecture preserved here takes you 100 years back.The signature narrow gauge railway of Matheran which takes you into dense forest cover is a must.A trek along the red laterite earth soil amid misty mountains breathing fresh unadulterated air energizes one’s spirits.Other famous places Include Louisia Point which offers a crystal clear view of Prabal Fort, Tree Point which are not to be missed.

A Perfect Day

A perfect day in Matheran would start around 11am.Completing brunch, a walk around the lush vegetation is soothing.Since there are no vehicles in Matheran debarring an ambulance, Hand-pulled rickshaws, horses and your legs are only modes of transport.
 After an indulgent lunch, you can go to Panorama Point then go on to see the Louisia Point and Tree Point.There are no 5 star hotels in Matheran hence your stay in small, comfortable and functional cottages will be a cherished memory.It gets dark quickly in Matheran so going to bed early and waking up late is life out here. I would rate it as a place to see for sure in your lifetime so make sure you experience Matheran……

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