The Beauty of a Baby!!!!!

Have you ever touched the fingers of a baby 2 or 3 hours old?? Felt the tenderness of skin it has? Well, no matter how many living creatures are there on our Mother Earth… A New Born Child is the most beautiful among all.Then Child then goes through the metamorphosis gradually growing under the care of its parents.But have you ever spend a lot of time with infants who can’t speak but just express??

Talking scientifically, till the age of three, the bones in its body of child are not fused to form joints which makes its flexible. Hence, every small movement of baby is cherished. When the baby is just about to start talking the innocent expression of baby and his futile attempts to make his mom understand what he is trying to say is fun to watch.My grandpa used to tell me, “Always spend most of your time with children below three and elders above 70”.When I started implementing this I learnt two things.. If you want to experience unadulterated pure love then talk with the child and If you want to get practical wisdom, then talk with elders above 70.However most people don’t spend time with either of above stated two.If you want to learn Innocence and lose ignorance then talking with a baby and elders above 70 is the only way out.

One more thing which I learnt from children is that certain behaviors are present in child itself .Let me give you an illustration.Let us give to balloons of different colors to two children seated opposite to each other.Then, by default without prompting anyone each child would need the other child’s balloon.So, certain bad habits come with humans without teaching. After all we humans are just glorified animals ain’t we? But what I’m trying to say is that Good things and Good Habits have to be nurtured to children right from a very young age to make them responsible in future.

I also learnt the hardships of mothering when spending time with child.Whatever work people do in Office …. taking care of child is the toughest of all yet the mother’s doesn’t murmur about it as they consider it as a joy.. Hats off!! To all the mother’s out there..

From now on whenever or wherever you see a baby give a smile to the baby and then experiences its reciprocation as greatest happiness of your life…At the same time wish the elders whenever you see them..

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