The Lokpal Bill

The Anna Hazare and Lokpal phenomenon is just an outburst of compressed anger against corruption in India by affected people of India. We also had an excellent leader Anna Hazare who unified the agitations against corruption and made it into a mass movement. Seeing the immense support from public the Gandhian Method of agitation partially won and Government had to agree for it. After showing hopes of Lokpal bill, the government is again going back on its promise which is very disheartening.

Democracy is public oriented government and the elected people find it so hard to pass the bill for the public.We have the Right of Information act enacted in our constitution yet these representatives of people just distance themselves from people post elections and then say “Government is different from people”. I still fail to understand one thing why can’t things and systems in India be simplified? The system currently prevalent in our nation is so complex that debarring major crimes, all other civil crimes and corporate crimes can be solved or rather vanish it using “money”. When you ask a corrupted person why is he demanding money his reaction is “I have to pay for my higher authorities. So I extract that amount from you” The one thing they forget is Even the “higher authorities” demands money from us!!!

Another area which is exploited in India is in the name of “trust”.As trust doesn’t come under taxes, people just dump surplus money there and just use it the way they want. When money in trust goes beyond the range, then their next target is bank secrecy prevalent in certain you all know “Swiss Bank”. Though many films and agitations have been staged I still don’t know what will turn as an eye opener for our nation.
Only when punishments for corruption is made harsh we can see signs of change in our country. Let us all voice our support to this Gandhian Anna Hazare electronically and experience a healthy India financially, ethically, traditionally and globally…


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