The Superficial Fame!!!!

How many people here would like to be a Celebrity Personal Assistant?? Keeping in mind of the stardom many people would go for this job but in reality its not that easy…

To our argument let us have a film personality as our celebrity and let us be his CPA. For a celebrity from a film fraternity, managing his dates and his personality is a huge task.There are numerous magazines which publish  lot of unwanted gossips and you have to be ready with your diplomatic answers for every sensitive question. Being as a shadow to the celebrity you have to protect him wherever he goes. You have a act a negotiator between the producers and celebrity.Schedule plans everyday for your employer and at the same time run errands for his family such as buying grocery, paying bills and bringing children back from school.The Press would at times overrate you as the celebrity himself and ask many personal questions..but you have to be ready to tackle it.As a CPA you could be under appreciated ,over worked and underpaid but at any point of time you ought not say anything against your celebrity..You don’t need to have many degrees to work with a celebrity but your main requirement is to have a lot of patience because being a CPA is a merciless job as the celebrity’s success goes to him but his failures come to you..

Though, the number is disadvantages outnumbers the advantages, being a superficial layer for a popular image in society makes you feel fortunate.You are bound to get lot of perks from the celebrity and a good pay too provided his fame lasts in society.But, at the end of the day, you are sure to lose your self-esteem,identity and your family a lot because this job demands you to accompany the celebrity wherever he/she goes.

I don’t say all celebrities treat their CPA’s badly but they don’t give due respect for their shadow…After all satisfying a celebrity is the most difficult thing in this world….

Do post your as a comment for whom you would like to be his CPA!!!! 

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