True Happiness is a Myth!!!

“There is nothing in this world called as true or utmost happiness”.My dad used to say this to me whenever I say “Dad, I’am very happy”.Thinking deeply into this thought, I realized that my dad was right.The cause of your happiness always has an effect to follow.To be more specific let me say you score the highest marks in your class and you are happy about it.But whenever the next exam comes you have to maintain your rank to maintain your happiness for which working harder is the only option which is effect of your happiness.There is just a minuscule difference between happiness and utmost happiness or satisfaction.This is the difference between the common man and achiever.Once your heart experiences utmost happiness/satisfaction then your body stops working harder and complacency comes along with you.On the other hand if you just be happy for your achievements and also keep in mind that this good feeling is very temporary only then you progress.

One of my best friends’ say “Happiness is only when shared” but that is a totally different concept.I agree with that completely but that’s a totally different form of happiness altogether..

Disappointments comes to a person only when his/her expectations are not fulfilled.In Sanskrit, there is a term called nishkamakarma which means “never expect anything out of work you do”.But somehow humans have this habit of expecting everything and inviting disappointments.Again my best friend puts this entire concept in two words..“Expectations Disappoint”.In this information age, every company and even educational institutions follow the “Perform or Punish” mantra and hence hardships are bound to come in your way.
When you just leave your praises and criticisms out through your ears then life would be great..Nothing is permanent in this world…After all life is a sugar-coated dream.

I don’t say to anyone “Don’t work” but my point is that never expect praises out of your work and be happy for it.Have you heard Sachin Tendulkar say “I’m satisfied with my achievements..”Never he is only happy for it and thinks about the next match…Though, its a difficult to implement this philosophical thought, If you can follow it then you will start “Loving the way you live your life…” 

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