“Value Added Education-The Need of the Hour”

This is one of my articles published in Times Of India (NIE), Chennai way back in December 19th,2008:

Value added education is the enhancement that students achieve in their knowledge, skills and abilities. Sadly, today education is increasingly concentrated in the marks obtained by the students and overall development is lacking in students.

Parents, in search of right school and college for their child are usually looking for academic excellence. At the same time they want their child to enjoy the learning experience. Most often one of these goals is achieved at the expense of other. By value added education the student’s knowledge and capabilities are improved. Thus, the students’ enjoy the learning experience and also show an excellent academic record.

Value added education requires assessment of students’ education right from their kinder garden to graduation. It empowers students to be critical, reflective and lifelong learners. A high quality educational institution must provide immense focus on value added education as it’s the best way to assess a student overall improvement and progress.

Although, value added education is widely regarded as a laudable measure, there has been only spasmodic attempts to measure it as a criterion for evaluation of students’ performance. One of the major drawbacks in adopting value added education is that most institutions are not trying to develop only a single capability but an array of capabilities. Experts in this area fail to understand that Qualitative learning is more important than Quantitative learning for a critical evaluation of a student’s abilities. The sole purpose of education is to crave a student into a responsible citizen which cannot be achieved without understanding moral values and implementing value added education.   

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