Blow the Aircon Air!!!!

This article is my Idea to reduce the running time of Air conditioners.I hope its feasible.By using idea, AC run time will minimize leading to less harm for our Earth… I had sent this for International Climate Champions 2011…the deadlines are over and the shortlisted candidates are yet to be announced.                        

                                                   “Blow the Aircon Air”

Need for this project: 

Air conditioning is slowly becoming a necessity today to provide a comfortable atmosphere in workplace, schools, hotels, theaters and in homes. Banning the use of air conditioners completely is far from reality now. Hence, the ultimate aim of my project is to reduce the running time of air conditioner by using certain innovative techniques.
The Idea:
My innovation is to put a high speed fan at the vent of air conditioner which will increase the throw of conditioned air into the room and also reduce the time required for cooling a closed area. Combining my innovation with a ceiling air conditioner would reduce cooling time tremendously.
The objective of my project is to reduce the harmful effects caused by using air conditioners by reducing its running time and simultaneously assure a comfortable lifestyle and a healthy earth for generations to come.
 Execution and Funds:
The implementation of my project involves the air conditioner manufacturers to set a high speed fan at the place where the conditioned air comes out. Instead of having vents to channelize the conditioned air , the high speed fan have to be placed there which will increase the throw of conditioned air into the room.
 My project is very cost effective and does not demand huge funds. I would approach the AC manufacturers and make them understand that this idea would boost their sales. I will also talk about this idea on social networking sites and request donations for implementing it.
What can this idea achieve:
My project would show a drastic dip in energy consumption for air conditioning. Less running time for AC also harms my earth lesser.He dual benefits is achieved. On a long term basis, global warming and carbon footprints on earth can be reduced.
Ways of propagating it:
I would start a group in a social networking site and see the number of followers day in and day out to measure the impact of my project.I would also request people to have separate energy meters for AC’s and see notable difference in their energy consumption.By these ways I can measure the impact of my project.

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