Can India Compete with China??

As most financial stalwarts say, India and China are the fastest growing economies of the world. Making a comparison between these two countries, I found out certain interesting differences…

>> Both these countries high GDP every year, but in China most of which comes from Industrial sector whereas in India it comes from service sector..

>>In China there is 1 language, 1 spiritual thought, 1 party, 1 country all unified into a single cluster.On the other hand In India, many languages, numerous parties , different spiritual thoughts and yet 1 country…thats what we euphemistically call Unity in diversity..

>>In China they have a “Democratic Dictatorship” which is more of single party rule… but in largest democracy India we have “Monarchy democracy”( I’m sarcastic here denoting Congress Party)

>> In China, having a membership in a political party is an “asset” whereas in India political party itself is a liability…

>>India has a lucrative Capitalistic thought towards economy leaving poor, poorer and China has a mixture of  capitalistic and communistic economy enabling uniform progress..

After these distinguishing characteristics, I don’t say India can’t achieve China’s progress but it will take more time for India.. India has to focus more on small scale industries which is the need of the hour. Information Technology and Computer Science are two areas in which Indians are adept and these two disciplines of study propelled India’s economy in last decade or so. But service sector is a very fragile sector and we are dependent on foreign powers to achieve growth which is also not healthy and long term economic solution. Though Globalization is an excellent concept its not dependable. Only when more large scale Industries start growing in India our progress towards becoming an economic superpower will become nearer.

So friends, from your side try to be “Indian Products” and please avoid cheap “Made In China” products as every penny earned by India and for India will take India closer towards her Goal…..

Jai Hind!!!

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