Children exploited in Television Advertisements

A television advertisement is one which reaches every household irrespective of financial capabilities. Exploiting the everlasting love for children in the society many advertisers use children as their USP to propagate a brand. In the globalized society Advertisement industry has obtained many lucrative profits by enacting children in their advertisements.

There are several factors to be considered while using children in advertisements. First of all, in most cases of child artistes are brought into the advertisement by compulsion from their parents. These parents to fill their pockets with cash “use their kids” .The child is also brought under immense pressure from its parents by forcing it to act. People argue that when a child acts in an advertisement it is “not a form of child labour” as the child receives formal education and basic necessities. Children below twelve are not physically and mentally stable to take their own decisions. As they lack the decision-making capacity, children a forced to succumb to their parents decision. So, when you force a child to act in an advertisement “It is the ugliest form of Child Labour”.

Secondly, the child’s innocence is used by advertisers frequently. When it comes to children’s products and accessories using a child in the advertisement is no harm. But using its innocence and ignorance to disseminate a brand used by adults such as a cell phone, perfumes, banks, motorbikes etc. is absolute exploitation. This is where a regulation has to come when there is no self-regulation.

Last of all, children acting in advertisements lose their privacy and attain celebrity status. Some also go to extent of losing their innocence at a very tender age. Unable to differentiate what is real and fantasy some even “act in their real life”. All these facts adversely impact our society as a whole.
My request is “Please allow the child to enjoy its childhood and unmatched innocence”. 

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