Comparision between Indian Education Framework and Australian Education Framework

This article comprises of some comparisons between our system of education and Australian framework.For the Australian part got suggestions from my buddy Pradeep Cholan currently pursuing his Biomedical Honors at Griffith University, Australia.

First Of all, the primary difference between our dreadful system and their’s lies in Understanding.There in Australia, students first do the concepts practically and then learn the theory part of it. This is an amazing method considering the fact that, students tend to do a lot of mistakes when attempting something practically and then when they follow up it with theory their thorough knowledge about the concept is achieved.That’s the reason why students in abroad are good at problem identifying and we Indians are good at solving it. For example, in case of a parallel connection in circuits students there first do it practically, try different methods then achieve the results and finally learn the theory part of it.As they can do it practically before the theory, those students are able to think out-of-the-box solutions as theoretical knowledge doesn’t restrict them.

Secondly, there in Australia, students present their ideas to teachers right from school. Whereas here we get to know about Paper Presentation only in college.The use of technology in education is restricted to a narrow spectrum of students which has to expand.Schools and colleges must teach their students the judicious use of available technology. This will enable our framework to be on par with international standards. Moreover, in Australia, most of the evaluation of student’s academic improvement is assessed and not tested. Meaning, every student undergoes many assessments and the best of which is considered and graded. On the whole, the student is devoid of any pressure to perform.The classes in Australia doesn’t happen in stringent 9 to 3 style. The students are left free to focus on their areas of interest and make a mark in it.All these ideas are student-friendly and gives him time to understand what he studies.

Finally, I want our current old-fashioned system of education to undergo some radical changes at the earliest.With the concept of Globalization and outsourcing becoming popular its high time we increase our standards of education.

Hope Kapil Sibal sees this post!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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