Deivathirumagal!!! Its heart melting

Well, this film sort of kindled me to write a review. Whoa!!! What a movie man!!!. Deivathirumagal is an emotional flick filled with many sentimental sequences and reactions which makes every viewer cry. I feel this film, has made everyone feel that “WE ARE STILL HUMANS FILLED WITH A HEART FULL OF EMOTIONS”. After seeing the movie I appreciate the child artiste Sarah…She has shown a lot of subtle reactions giving a lot of attention to detail.Though, the story has taken after a lot from “I’am Sam” I still applaud the performance of the protagonist Vikram.There is just a hairline gap between real acting and over acting.Dr.”Chiyaan” Vikram is right in that gap who has dealt his role with ease. In fact there was not  a single frame in the movie  where his acting was not up to the mark.Then, talking about Director Vijay, people were very impressed with his debut “Madraspattinam”, which I felt was a doctored Copy of which the Atlantic Ocean was replaced by Cooum River..But his work is awesome leaving the script aside.I still don’t understand why many directors though talented copy scripts instead of writing one??..Anyways coming back to Deivathirumagal, I felt Anushka didn’t have pivotal role in this movie…just comes into the frame and goes out..fails to impress.And one duet song between Vikram and Anushka was unwarranted in this movie.The cinematography in this movie was just as required and the duet song had some good snapshots and slow motions.On the whole, Deivathirumagal is a movie worth watching and will leave an everlasting mark of human emotions with you after coming out of theatres….

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