Mumbai Blasts…:( :(

I was bitterly disappointed when I heard about Mumbai blasts and when I saw the plight of people aftermath the blast.Adding fuel to my displeasure was the headlines and supportive pictures on newspapers.I accept that this was the most important news.But imagine a person having got up from sleep,opens his newspaper and sees the photo of a person bruised badly lying with a leg lost and floating in a river of blood.Even when I type these words, I feel bad at my heart…then why don’t these publishers don’t understand its disturbing? See If a sensitive women or a child sees that picture…just imagine the negativism which would penetrate through his mind and his heart.

Nowadays, though internet and television was most used the love of newspapers has not diminished. I feel disheartened when these publishers just for the sake of publicity print these sorrowful pictures right in first page…and make people unhappy on a fresh morning.Even when War was going on in Lebanon, a newspaper from that country published the picture of a rose blooming on first page.We have had a disaster, its a shame for our country I do agree..but why project it in very first page of newspaper.

Talking about the blast, its some tainted official who has given roam for the perpetrators to come in, plant a bomb and kill innocent people just for the sake of money. Such people who betray motherland should be given “Shoot At Site” punishment. We still have a “Proved Terrorist” in our country safe inside jail who has caused 26/11 and then we have an incident of 13/7. I feel sorry for Mumbaikars for being the constant sufferers of terrorism.

Finally, I salute the courage of Mumbaikars and their unity to step into the train for work the next day after blasts.I hope our intelligence becomes more tight without any loopholes and make sure such incidents never occur in future.

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