There’s A Reason For Every Happening!!!

Thought of switching back to my favorite philosophy.I’am a firm believer that every happening of this world has a reason behind it.Even many of our ancient superstitions were believed  just as to fear make us do things right. More than using the term superstition I call them as emotional boosters.Ultimately, your brain just needs to absorb positive energies from all around in order to do things right.

Fine, coming back , comparing science with my philosophy what comes to my mind is that of Chaos Theory.It states that every minute and gigantic happenings of this world are interconnected.Take for example, a fall of a butterfly wing can even influence a tornado somewhere else.Sounds Interesting Right..If I give another example you would understand better. I hope you would have seen Kamal Hassan’s film Dasavatharam, where a dialogue comes that in order to save billions of people from the deadly virus, millions were sacrificed by the tsunami.Chemically, sea water has a lot of NaCl which was the only way to stop that virus from multiplying and hence tsunami occurred.Now that’s what is Chaos Theory.

On how to apply it practically in life.Its simple people.Whatever happens in your life, success or flops just believe that its for good.To all theists,”If things don’t go as you expect, then believe that God is preparing for something better”..And for all scientific thinkers,”Your happening is the product of another happening and you are the reactant of the forthcoming happening”..If you go deeply you would find that “Nothing in this world is permanent.All that you have is moments of life, which you ought not miss.Take your life as it comes in the stride.Never chase it to win it and never step back to change what has happened.Live for this moment..Make it so special.Never think about it later.

We are born from Dust and Ought to reach Dust.Only in between the journey you are called by your name.When getting close to return to dust, your name is gone, you are just a corpse.So, make people happy and keep your ambiance around you lively and exciting.Enjoy Life, give a lot of attention to detail…Finally, your journey of life is not to be missed as everyone will reach the destination one day somehow, but how we reach there matters the most!!!!

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