Why Can’t A Boy and Girl Be Friends Forever??

This article is not intended at any particular person or a group of people.I’m writing this article for the sole purpose of making people broad minded in their viewpoints.If I happen to hurt anyone I apologize.

Our Indian society is rooted to its cultures and traditions.The concept of globalization has also increased the camaraderie among youths.But still, there are “certain young by age and old by thought” youth people in India who doesn’t understand a true friendship between a boy and a girl.I know this is a controversial topic yet I want to enlighten everyone with my points of view.

There is a popular philosophy that..”Man is born alone and dies alone.Yet during his journey he’s in chains.” Every human wants some person to listen to him, to fight with him, to share his happiness and sorrow and a true companion to depend however bad your situation is.The concept of teasing and ragging in colleges has been increasing manifolds in recent years.To describe a typical college scenario, if a boy talks to a girl casually also, people watching it wrongly misinterpret it and finally put the innocent friends into trouble. In my personal opinion, I feel sorry for the girls as they suffer a lot criticisms on this.See people,we have to become broad minded and supportive. To be frank, a girl can understand a problem better, a give a appropriate solution to a guy. Here I don’t come to the concept of girlfriend and boyfriend. What I’am trying to say is a pure unadulterated true friendship that exists between those two souls.
After talking about this to some of my friends abroad, I find this problem to be more evident in India moreover in South India.I also like to mention a point that nowhere in our culture or tradition has it been mentioned not to talk or be as a friend to the opposite sex.The penetration of films into student’s life is a major reason for this.Students basically fail to understand the difference between fantasy and reality, confuse both and finally believe in wrong ideas.
Friendship is something we are given a chance to choose whereas most of our relations are forced upon us. In that case, why spoil such a beautiful relationship filled with happiness and affection that exists between two.Why can’t the two be a guy and a girl?..It can we much be possible. What basically happens is that If a guy wants to talk to a girl, impress her and love her then he uses friendship as a shield  to talk to her.This intention insults friendship.A true friend is one who has no negative intentions in his mind and has to be frank enough to tell anything and everything to her.
I want a matured society which understands the differences between true friendship and shielded friendship.From now on, when a guy talks to a girl don’t just blindly conclude on your decision.Please do keep in mind, every human has a small heart which can’t bear wrong conclusions especially on relationships.

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  1. Should I believe if broad mindedness exist in our society. I wish every soul thinks the way you do. God, help them who cannot understand the true meaning of friendship. People don't actually know that friendship is Love in the right sense & when it mixes with lust, it becomes possessiveness that we term as LOVE between two people. That's why, I say, friendship is the purest form of love that only the supreme soul can understand. It does not carry with it a feeling of jealousy, hatred, extreme possiveness, Insecurity, lack of conscience, ego, pride,….and lot of other things. Natural instincts of a man & a woman might sometimes act as a catalyst to deter the reality of a relationship and turn it into the next level of friendship that is love. But, every human can build friendship with a smile and with mutual consent, it can turn into Love but ths is just based on your requirement at any given point of time. Two people meet together since there is something that drags them together but its not true that it ultimately changes to love always. We have to follow our thought process and make appropriate decisions and not be controlled by others to tell what is right and what is wrong.

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