Exaggerated Fears About Economy

The gloomy sky over the US Markets and its demote in loan payoff has overshadowed itself across the Asian and European markets. Though, this problem is a cause of concern for US I still can’t understand why it affects other markets also significantly. As a constant observer of Indian Markets, I find this cause of worry among Indian investors is unwarranted for and is unnecessary.

Considering US demographics, a predominant part is involved in share markets, whereas in India this is restricted to a hand-picked population. I find these restricted market forces very sentimental, which causes a lot of problems even for long term investors. Also, this also an evidence that there is a lot FII”s involved in Indian Markets who are in a necessity to sell shares but Indian investors get influenced by this and suffer a lot.

Usually, a downfall in the market is caused due to excessive economic optimism which has to be avoided. Investors must come out of “Greed-Fear theory” and look at the brighter picture of profits earned rather than comparing with other investors.

Stock markets reflect the country’s economy and in fact they are in index of country’s vibrancy. In that case, how can we allow foreign players to change the fate of our country? I want more investors from our country to understand the importance and significance of stock markets and invest wisely.

Also, Stock markets is a potential risk factor for novice investors, who should not come directly into it without a guidance. After understanding the nuances of this art of making money, people can foray  into this and reap amazing benefits.

Always keep in mind of that “Vertical Growth is dangerous and A Sinusoidal Growth is always stable. The point is that You have to sell at the higher extreme and buy at the lower extreme to at least become an intelligent investor and becoming an expert in it needs decades of experience!!!!”

Still a learner about stocks,
Ram Thilak

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