“Friendship is what links pure hearts without an Ego”

I realized the importance and penetration of friendship among people only after going through a year of college.Though I had many friends during schooldays, as I was an introvert during those days I didn’t understand friendship.After my eleventh, I just had one close friend who was with me all the time during my ups and downs. Its lucky I got him back even into my college life as we both got the same college and course and we’re still together.
But, now I have a bunch full of souls who’re my close buddies who are my dear friends. I can now understand the pivotal role they play in my life. All of them are very caring, affectionate and we enjoy each other’s company.If you look closely, all my friends are talented and skillful in their own way yet we gel together  as friendship has no barriers, algorithms and restrictions.Its a feeling of togetherness, an expression of happiness and a journey of enjoyment.Now I just can’t imagine a life without them.
I hope my writings reaches the right person’s as I can’t name them directly. All that I want to say is to make good friends in your life and stay together with them forever.
Happy Friendship Day to all my close friends, school friends, facebook friends and acquaintances.
Ram Thilak.
Hope this article was good enough.Tune in to my blog tomorrow for a better article!!!

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