Human is a Glorified Computer!!!!

Right from my childhood, my inclination towards brain and understanding its functionality has been on a high.I love computing and technology equally and when I started researching on this I found certain interesting comparisons.

First of all, our brain is the prime controller of the central nervous system and integrates all bodily activities and functions. We are aware of the popular statement that “Your Brain is a Computer and tap its full potential”. We people do some things not knowing how it happens. As I always say “Every Happening Has A Reason”, the reason why your brain understands certain things and leaves the rest is because you didn’t store it in your memory in accordance with an algorithm.If you happen to follow a certain step-by-step process to store the data even in your brain you would be amazed to find that you can retrieve the data whenever necessary.Let me take a real time example.Solving math problems is a typical problem for any student. When you solve a problem, most students don’t get the answer at once (I’am leaving the exceptions behind :P).When, you keep on trying at some point of time you get the solution. How-come? Your brain didn’t decrease or increase when you did the sum wrong or right. What happened in your brain was that it understood the algorithm it had to follow to do the sum. That’s the reason why teachers in school keep reiterating “Be Strong With Your Fundamentals” as the first step of your sequence of understanding is the most crucial step.

Secondly, there is a concept of Linked List in Data Structures. It links every data with the subsequent data and as a result it makes data operations such as Insertion, Deletion and Searching easier. I found that even this process happens with your brain. Whenever you store something in your brain with a referral (Link) i.e you attach some object,person or characteristics with the data you have to store and when you do this also you would find that you can remember that Data quicker than other stored Data.

Finally, all that I want to say is to justify that Human Brain is just a Computer and hence don’t believe it and follow it blindly without asking your heart. You heart is what Makes you a Human being otherwise we will be just “It” and there will be no “I” or “Me” or “Us” in this world.

I hope the justifications I gave sort of convinced you with my perception. Never do anything blindly what your brain says, give a chance for your heart to decide and then proceed with your decisions..:) 🙂

I’am writing this as I have suffered with my brain and dumped the heart beside it..I reap for that mistake 🙁 🙁 🙂

Ram Thilak

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