India’s Dismal Performance in England till now :( :(

There are questions raised in media “Is Indian Cricket team the most fragile No.1 Team in Test Arena”. What I would say is that off late people in India and Indian media in particular expects a lot from our team.They fail to understand that Cricket is a sport where the frequencies of alternative wins and losses is high.Our government has given a lot of freedom of press.Any controversy now is communicated through the electronic media.In that case, these channels should not exploit this and give extreme news about our Indian Team.

After spending, a lot of time in subcontinent going to an entirely new arena of England is difficult to get accustomed to any player.There are so called “News Suckers”..who run behind players for sensational news.See media cannot do anything for business.They should be responsible representative of people.
Coming back to cricket, Indians also suffered a lot of injuries recently.The lights of players like Viru,Gambhir and Zaheer was missing which added to our misery.Another main problem with Indian Cricket is that they don’t keep the momentum going.If they start playing well then somehow complacency penetrates into them and they crumble down just like that.Whereas in England’s team even if the top order fails to make a mark their bowlers support them and finally lead them to a competitive score.In our lower order, other than Bhajji, none fails to impress.
Heard the trio performers Sehwag,Gambhir and Zaheer is gonna return for third test.If this happens our team will be in full strength and will prove to be a challenge to England.Hope India wins the remaining two matches and draws the series 🙂 :)..

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