Life Is Not Just About Numbers!!!

I dedicate this article to all those who feared about numbers just like me!!!!

I was a guy who used to give a lot of importance to numbers.Meaning I used to worry a lot about Marks, First Mark, Topper etc., but now realized that every such thing which I gave importance to were just mere numbers.Now I have some so called “Number Friends” who call me or text me just to know my mark. To be frank, the toughest question to be answered by any student is “What’s your score? Mate”. This attitude of number pressure is common among Indians and has forced many students in attempting suicides just because their numbers were not that good.

First of all, philosophically speaking anything that is measurable is going to be a burden or a pressure to you. Its because it leads to comparison at some point of time. Take for example, money, marks etc., all these just add on to our tension. On the other hand, talking about immeasurable things such as love, affection, friendship. attitude will always stay with you forever. They are the permanent possessions for you and they will make you a thorough human being and not a machine.

If I look back to my schooldays, I was a robot most of the times, keeping all data in the mind, answering all questions posed to class by me. My life mostly had scary numbers chasing me as targets. Nowadays, after started living a life for this moment, I feel like a feather not knowing where I gonna go next or not looking back to the path I have traversed.

I’am not trying to say anything negative about exams or evaluation system. What I tell you is not to give too much importance to it. Never have any apprehensions in your mind and spoil your life.Just do what you feel and be what you’re!!
   Ram Thilak

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