The Importance Of People in One’s life!!!

There’s a popular saying which I have mentioned earlier and would like to reiterate it again. “Man is born and dies alone yet in between he’s always in chains”.Its highly improtant that you have good friends and people around you in your life .

The reason why I’m writing this is because I find in this information age people are more connected with eachother electronically than emotionally.Though, its good that we’re connected in electronic connections everything the people say and text you is filled with fantasies and hence its not always dependable.We are humans right, then why converse with one another through machines and gadgets alone, expressing oneself in the real world is always superior to a chat or a text.

People you have around you can play a major role in making you understand atleast a little about this mysterius world.Having good people and friends around you can have such positive vibrations that it can transform even a dumb introvert into a socialzing expert.I’am a living example for that!! 😛

One golden rule while talking with people is that “Never talk about something irrelevant to the interests of the listener”.This is the one rule that is ought to be followed, which I learnt by talking with many people. In one of my earlier posts, I’d mentioned this ” Learn Ignorance by talking to a baby and lose ignorance by talking to a granddad”.Similarly, if you talking with someone, start talking about their interests first. This will enable you to proceed with the aspect of friendship with that person. This will also make you know about a broad spectrum of knowledge and makes your thinking more critical.

I’m not telling you not to connect with people electronically, but what I’m trying to say is that Never leave that emotional part while talking with persons.Only when you express with your senses we’re humans else we’re also glorified animals people.

Express yourself without any restrictions and enjoy every moment of life!!!!

Ram Thilak

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