The Phenomenon called Anna Hazare!!!!

Being an Indian, not knowing Anna Hazare is a curse.Such as soared his popularity and his idea of India Against Corruption Movement.What’s interesting to see is that, many Youngsters and young adults who have not experienced the true extent of corruption, are the ones supporting Anna Hazare the most.

The reason for its large penetration among teens and youth is mainly because of social networking sites and the use of technology to propagate a cause.I appreciate the people who have started many websites and groups to show their support to Anna Hazare.But one thing which people must not forget is that, this movement is against Corruption, India’s unexposed anger against it and this is not for supporting Anna Hazare blindly. He’s definitely the leader who initiated it but the cause is more important and that’s what we are moving for “India Against Corruption”.

This movement must be popularly called as “India’s Second War Of Independence” as corruption is an evil which has reduced our Country’s economy manifolds and has hampered growth. Moreover, this movement has also influenced the Indians living in the western world, who have also shown their support to our cause.
But our government has to go forward with the Jan Lokpal Bill as this movement is not like any other movements, its a unique and people are united in this cause beyond barriers. I will go for Jan Lokpal Bill but, the inclusion of Prime Minister into this bill is not a very promising idea. This will reduce our faith on our PM and will give a chance of suspicion on our Leader appointed by our people. Apart from that, every aspect of  Jan Lokpal Bill is very encouraging for our economic Growth.

Hope the Jan Lokpal Bill is passed in our parliament and will save India from its long held grip of the evil Corruption!!!!!

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