What Makes Gautam Vasudev Menon A Class Apart?

If you’re born in an urban locale in Tamil Nadu and If you’re a film lover then Gautam Vasudev Menon is someone whom you love very much.Popularly called as Gautam, this director has transformed the traditional way of filming in Kollywood (another name of Tamil Film Industry) and has extended its audience way beyond the narrow boundaries of Tamil Nadu.

Having graduated as an engineer and then coming to films, Gautam brings in a lot of class and attention to detail in all his movies.Gautam’s foray into films began with Minnale and he has also nurtured many technicians such as the Lyricist Thamarai, Music Director Harris Jeyaraj and Art Director Rajeevan. This trio has been part of most of his films and has also been an added advantage for the success of all his movies.Some critics do say that, the reason for the success of Gautam is only because of his technicians. I disagree with that completely.A director is someone who has to discover and nurture the potentialities of his technicians and in that context Gautam has made many people leave their individual trademark in this Tamil Industry.

Coming to his works, what I personally like the most in his films is his picturesque way of filming songs. The songs in his movie are not made to be inserted in the movie, they gel nicely with the script of the movie and this is the reason why most of his songs become chart busters. Also, the subtle lyrics of Thamarai and the mesmerizing music of Harris all add on together to make every song special and Divine to hear.Take for example, the song Aaromele in VTV was beautifully made differently which was very new to the dimensions of Tamil Cinema.I also like his dialogues and characterization of his cast which makes his movies truly classy. Also, I love the English dialogues which comes in and goes out in his movies, which add a lot of spice to his works and hence his films are loved in the urban world more than the rural side.I would love to see Gautam with a village subject and how he takes that movie in his trademark style!!!

I feel Gautam Vasudev Menon is a gem for the Tamil Industry and he deserves more credit than he’s already receiving now. He will definitely extend his followers beyond Tamil Nadu, beyond India and one day I want this classy director to receive the Oscars from the hands of another Oscar Tamilian A R Rahman.

Do keep your good works going and give us more classy enjoyable movies Mr.Gautam !!!!

Ram Thilak

Hope this article was good enough.Tune in to my blog tomorrow for a better article!!!

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