Finally Discovered How to feel Happiness!!!

For a long time, I have been on my search on discovering what True Happiness is all about. Even, I was satisfied with my dad’s words that, there is nothing in this world called as true happiness.But, now after reading the book “The Alchemist” written by Paul Coelho I wish to disagree with that philosophical thought.

There was a beautiful illustration in this book. The crux of this story is “The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and at the same time never get yourself dispersed from your focus”. Meaning, you can do all that you want in your life, but never ever lose your prime focus of your life. This concept seems to be an eye-opener for me as it has quenched my long dry thirst of finding happiness.

One of my close friends used to tell me, “You have to do all the things the world has!!! Thilak…At the same time keep on studying well..Finally, at some point of time in your life, when you look back you’d feel happy for all these happenings”.Now I can understand the importance of his words.I’ve also learn t  one more thing that, everything you want is available in this world. Its only in your hands to pick them.The choice is open and its up to you to derive happiness or sadness from your choice. Every choice of yours has both in it and that’s the beauty of life.

Happiness is contagious like smile.So, just radiate smiles and happiness in your environ and trust me “There is nothing in this world which can replace the satisfaction you get, when you make someone else Happy”.

>>Share your happiness and hide your sorrows.

>>Keep your world always cheerful 🙂 🙂

Ram Thilak

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