Grandparents Out pour Infinite Love!!!!!!!!!I

I was among few blessed souls who had a chance to live with my grandparents. Though, all kids love their dad and mom, grandpa and grandma are special to anyone.They are the ones who fight with their own children just to save their grandchildren. They are the ones who take immense care on your health and life, and how big you grow to be in life their affection remains unchanged.

When you find a grandpa playing with his grandchild, you would find that he has lost all his professional attributes and egos.Grandparents sit on the ground plays with their grandchild, lifts the tender legs of his grandchild carefully and inserts the socks to ease him during winter, plays a lot of games without logic just to see a smile in his grandchild’s face and a lot of comical facial expressions to make the child happy.All these things are done by grandparents just to show their love and affection for their grandchild.

I’m writing this article because today September 11th is Grandparents Day and especially in India where most people used to live in joint families are opting for nuclear families.I dont’ want to bring this debate now, but I want every child to meet his grandparents on a regular basis so as to absorb the infinite love they have for you.Grandparents now find all means to stay connected with their grandchildren such as mails, video calls, social networking sites learning the new technologies.At their age, when they are able to do such things and ask us only one thing “Stay in touch!!!! and meet me regularly” which can be satisfied easily.If you’re blessed to have your grandparent close to your place, do meet them regularly or give a call every week  and talk to them.They will play a vital role in sculpting your character and the way you think.Though, they are brought up in the past they prepare you for the future.Never ever hurt them with your words or actions.Some things they say may not be relevant or important to you but at least give a ear to it and listen patiently.

Coming to my grandparents, I’am living with my grandparents.Right from my childhood, I’ve been with them and I love spending time with them.My granddad gives me a lot of suggestions and advises for life.When he talks, you can get the insight and love in his words.I have a lot of respect for my grandpa and comfortable sharing my ideas with him. My grandma is very industrious which I admire a lot. She makes delicious dishes for me round the clock.Though, I speak less with her relatively but when she says something to me it will have a lot of sense.She also tells me a lot of stories of the past and how people lived then and these things make me think a lot.Its indeed a boon to me to have them by my side…..

To conclude, As the name suggests, Grand parents are truly GRAND for anyone.

Ram Thilak

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