Mankatha- A Thala Totality!!!!!

This is probably my first review for A Mass Movie like Mankatha.Embarked as Thala Ajith’s 50th Flick, this film was highly anticipated among the masses as Thala was back to films after a year.It has somehow satisfied the audience keeping up to its expectations.

Talking about the film, for the first time a hero has dared to show his age on screen.That definitely requires a lot of credit to Ajith Kumar, a bold attempt.When, you watch the movie, there are some frames you find the protagonist showing his negativity and his love for money. This is something very different to Kollywood, which has for long satisfied itself with the traditional good(hero) wins over evil(villain).Till the gripping climax, everything seems a mystery for you.

There is absolutely no scope for heroines in this mass movie.All the beauties Trisha,Anjali and Andrea Jeremiah(my fav) seems to just fill the lacuna.Instead, the alluring Lakshmi Rai seems to get a lot of importance in this movie.The first half was pretty ordinary.The film post intermission is the “The Thing” in Mankatha.

The launch of second half with Thala’s bike stunts drives the audience crazy enough.The car chase during the course of the second half is equally amazing.Yuvan’s background score in this movie gives a spice up to Mankatha.The theme music is very appealing yet most of the songs are not disappointing.The way in which most of the songs are pictured is ordinary with most resembling the other. The lyricist Vaali has done a great job as always with very refreshing lyrics considering his age.

Coming to actors, the combo of Thala Ajith and Action King Arjun again makes Mankatha a movie not to miss.Arjun, has really portrayed his role with ease capturing the audience’s hearts with his comfortable cop role.This movie will definitely be a comeback for Arjun.Not to miss, the role of a Premji Amaren as Prem suits his physique and styles.

On the whole, If you’re a Thala fan and if you like Mass appeal movies then go for Mankatha blindly 🙂

Ram Thilak

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