The Connector Called Facebook!!!!

People of the earlier generations would miss their school friends and college friends badly once their curriculum is completed. They may be in touch with a few close ones, but not with everyone.The information age we are currently experiencing has made Human a lead a more prepared and a calculated life.Another advantage of this age is the advent of Internet as a common medium of communication via social networking sites, chats, video calls et cetera. When I start speaking about social network the only thing which comes to my mind is “Facebook”.

Nowadays, whether your friend in within your city, or outside your country you can share your life with him through facebook. Its a excellent concept of connecting with friends and people you like the most. Now I find that all my friends are within my database. Their happiness, sorrows, craziness,events everything comes right on my wall which is amazing. We don’t miss our friends or lose them at any point of time which makes facebook “The Thing” for students and teens.

One of my friends say “Facebook as a place of flirts”. In the on-line world where your face and identity cannot be justified as true, anything is possible.So, just don’t get carried away through facebook chats or comments. I like the concept of connecting with people electronically but also connecting with them emotionally is more important. For example, you find your friend not wishing you “Happy Birthday” in class besides knowing it its your birthday today and finally posts on your wall “Happy Birthday”..that’s ridiculous. At no point of time in your life, you connection with the physical real world must not get disconnected. When you talk with people in the physical world, you can enjoy your communication more than in facebook.Also the truthfulness of your words and talk is more appealing.

Still I don’t deny the fact that facebook has really be a boon to us. But never ever lose your connect with the real world filled with close friends, family and the people who will do anything for you. After all the physical connections with nerves and eyes is more important then the electronic connection with wires and signals!!!!

Ram Thilak 

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