What makes Google So Special??

Google- A Six letter word which is responsible for bringing all the world’s information you want as close to your eyes as possible. A company with a Motto “To organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible”, it has rendered this service with utmost customer satisfaction after its beginning in 1996.Started by two graduates named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, this company has had unimaginable growth and is still becoming stronger day in and day out.The attractive brand name “Google”was enacted after misspelling “Googol” means 1 followed by 100 zeros.This was an indication that their search engine is going to be a “Big One” with a lot of pages and that’s what Google has achieved over the years.
Coming to the crux of this article, I really can’t pick one reason for seeing Google as a special company. I first of all like their work culture and the principles they follow in the work they do.This company has only believed in itself for all its growth unlike other companies which has a tainted past.Though, many people still fear that with such amount of personal information which Google has, it can interrupt too much with our privacy, I disagree with that thought completely.All the processess at Google are fully transparent and people give their information all by themselves.So fearing misuse of information from a company like Google is purely baseless.
Google gives a lot of respect for its employees.Two principles which I like the most about work culture is that, “You can be serious with out a suit” and “Work and play are not mutually exclusive”.The offices at Google have a lot of “Informal” things such as snooker tables, bean bags etc., and  hence people enjoy working in Google.The traditional hierarchy concept of management is not strictly followed  at Google, meaning even if you’re a Noggler (a new Google employee), you can still get into the Manager’s room without appointment and tell him your ideas . An open culture of this sort is the need of the hour and Google is a place where development is guaranteed.
Google has offices all around the world and has also shown the world that “You can make huge money even without Being ‘EVIL'”.Its is also one of the principles of Google- “Don’t be Evil”. Google has become an information giant by people’s choice and its domination in the web world is also by people’s choice. When something is too good to put aside, its obvious that its gonna become popular.Google is one such thing and their principles make Google even stronger.
I’am also a person who uses Google every time I connect to the networked world..but I would love to be  A Googler one day 🙂
Ram Thilak…..
Hope this article was good enough.Tune in to my blog tomorrow for a better article!!!

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