What Really Defines People?

Finally back to my favorite label Philosophy.For quite sometime now, I’ve really been wondering what changes people when they grow.Is it the biological changes they have? Is it the influence of films and friends around them? Is it their experiences of life? Is it the people they meet and their life changes? and when I start thinking I have more questions than answers.Then, after a lot of brain crunching finally understood that A Significant change can happen in your life only when you’re ready to change.

I accept the fact the friends and family really play a major role in sculpting your character.They define you in the real world.They are the ones who are gonna witness and experience the change in you.But besides all these, the real change in yourself have to begin within you.Its like a transformation of ice to water.Though, atmosphere around you is ready to change you, only when ice(you) are ready to leave your heat(your old character) to the atmosphere(friends and family) it can accept the heat and can change to water( a transformation).Again, there’s every chance that the water can become ice again, but ultimately you have to like your state of being..(Sorry for going so scientific, but didn’t get a better example :P)…

Well, coming to me, as I have already mentioned in one of me earlier posts, I was a dumb introvert when I stepped into college.I loved books more than people.I had only a few friends, frankly just one soul.But now, having met such happy and happening people in a year and having spent a lot of time with them, there was a transformation in me.Its not that one or two changed me, its a sequence of events all put together sort of guided me to a different path.Again when there is a change, a big question arises “Is this change good or bad?” This is a big test for you and its up to to decide how you want to be.But, what you gonna follow is moderation in the change.You can show some changes but you can’t just recreate someone else as you.Meaning, never try to imitate others as you.Have an identity for yourself.That’s what is gonna be your footprint on earth when you leave it and it has to be unique.

Change is something which never changes in this world.Its like everyday something or the other changes and you’re either forced to accept it or welcome the change you have but you can never avoid it.That’s Life!!! But then, a change in a non living thing and in technology is welcomed happily but a positive change in a person is welcomed with a surprise.So, make your life filled with surprises and leave your mark in every moment of life.Never try to change the change..:P

What stands finally in life, is How many people really feel your absence more than How many people talk with you when you’re present!!!!!

Ram Thilak

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