7am Arivu- An excellent concept misshaped….

7am Arivu, the much-awaited Surya-Murgadoss-Harris combo with the lights of Shruthi Hassan making a debut into Kollywood was a story par excellence but the screenplay has taken a topsy-turvy ride, so as to increase its commercial value.As a science enthusiast and as a Surya fan, I liked the movie and the concept behind the movie but A R Murugadoss has put a lot of things into this and the combination didn’t turn out well as excepted.

The first half hour of the movie which explains about Bodhidarma was neatly portrayed.I still feel that the same tempo was carried on the entire movie.Following the usual ways of Tamil Film making such as an entry song for the hero,a few love scenes between hero and heroine, the ladylove not understanding his lover which is followed by a sad song and a few peppy numbers in between hero and heroine can’t gel well with a concept of Bodhidarma.Having a villain of high stature as Johnny Ngugen, the director has not used him wisely.The concept of hypnotism was exploited in the movie and the sequence of scenes in which Dong Lee( Johnny Ngugen) hynotises everything he comes across and puts everyone against Aravind(Surya) and Subha(Shruthi Hassan) plays with the audience nerves.Mr Murugadoss should understand that “Too much of anything is good for nothing!!” and he must also understand that people watching films now can’t bear anything unrealistic on a larger scale even on silver screen.After that glitch, the film really didn’t take back its rhythm till the climax.Another aspect of the movie, which I felt too much was Love for Tamil Country which was reiterated at many unsuitable instances in the movie.Had that been restricted only in the climax speech, which Surya renders in the movie, the impact of his words would have been more.

On the actors, Surya has done what was given to him very well.He’s a true performer and a hard worker having maintained his firm physique right through the movie.The character of Bodhidarma suits Surya really well better than the character of a circus artist as Arvind.I still can’t understand why a circus artist was chosen, a better characterization would have reached the audience well.On Shruthi Hassan, she’s got an excellent launchpad into Tamil Cinema having shared an nearly equal screen space as Surya.She’s acted well in the movie and her slang is Tamil is new, to the so much-heard shrilled and routine voices of dubbing artists for heroines!!! Another big drawback in this flick is the music.Harris, who’s known for his breezy background scores had delivered something which doesn’t come up to his usual standards.The songs and BGM was very sub standard and didn’t go well with the scenes and the timing of the songs was also pathetic.Some songs were totally unwarranted for, just inserted into the movie which again affects the flow of the movie.

This film, should have been done in a much more dignified way.Finally in Kollywood, we’ve got a new script which didn’t have any direct influences from anywhere but couldn’t deliver it into a blockbuster besides excellent casting.7am Arivu is without doubt a good movie but just worth watching once.Having expected something as good as Ghajini, this movie has disappointed its fans for the sinful screenplay.

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