Autos in Chennai-A costly time travelling..

Auto is a popular mode of transport for short distances which ensures both comfort and affordability in transportation.Though most of my posts focus on a larger spectrum, I really got frustrated while catching on auto which prompted me to write this one.

Autos which are most frequently used by middle-class people and in areas where buses cannot reach.Nowadays constantly stating excuses such as increase in the price of petrol and not getting enough people to travel, these auto drivers are fleecing people with exorbitant rates for short distances.They are not sparing the aged and the sick even at critical situations.Its really pathetic to see these people trying hard to bargain with these auto drivers even at tough times.There is absolutely no rules followed by these drivers and no law to impose restrictions on them.Share autos which is gaining importance is now preferred by public because they have a “Fixed” amount for appropriate distances which has diluted the amount of autos functioning in the city.This a welcome mode of transport for people now and I’ll be happy if its able to cover most of the city instead of some restricted areas.

I still can’t understand why Chennai is different when compared with autos functioning at other populous cities in India.In cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, public transport is far more reasonable and friendly but here in Chennai it doesn’t seem to happen.Though, the metropolitan buses are the mostly used by public as means of transportation, autos have their own crowd and those people are suffering the most.

Its high time some radical change is brought to change the mindset of these auto drivers and people who serve the public have to be more friendly and that’s what fosters a healthy society.As a citizen and as a netizen, I can only raise my voice against it and its up to “official ones”  to initiate a change..

Ram Thilak

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