Choose your Buddies Wisely!!!!!

Nowadays becoming a friend to someone has become really easy with multiple ways to make friends.But choosing the right friend who’s gonna be with you forever is the key.The reason why I say this is because, your friends are the one who are gonna define you in the real world.As many people say, you cannot choose your family, you gonna accept them the way in which they are.But that doesn’t happen with friends where you have the right to choose them.

People now confuse between friends and acquaintances.Its like they feel that when they get a new friend they have to give too much importance to them leaving their old true friends uninterested.When I usually get a new friends I discover them and then if I’am interested I make them my close friends.A lot also depends on the mutual friends.I also see who their friends are before making them close to me.Its not like you have to en quire about them to others.Its not the way to make friends.It can happen only by talking in person and seeing them in the real world.As I always say,” Think many a time before choosing a friend but not any a time after choosing one”.Once you make your friend close to you, never ever suspect them.You gonna believe him thoroughly and you gonna completely let you into him without hiding anything.That’s the best way to build relationships on trust!!!

Though some may feel that thinking a lot on making friends is not as important.But, human emotions is like a sponge it absorbs whatever emotions are there in its environment. For example, if you have a narrow minded pessimistic friend, you will also radiate the same emotions.Though being a confident person yourself, just by choosing a bad friend you’re ruining your life.One more aspect is that, you can’t have the best persons as your friends.A true friend is one who makes all his friends the best and special to him.Friendship is not a relationship which expects reciprocation for its activities.Nothing is planned in friendship.All things just happen as it happens.But, its really a magical force which conspires you to become close to a soul with whom you have no connections before meeting them and then after meeting them your soul cannot leave them.

Certain things in this world come with you when you’re born.Certain things come with you during the course of your life.But certain people are born to accompany you in their life and share your moments with them.Those special people are called CLOSE FRIENDS…..

Ram Thilak……….:)

Hope this article was good enough.Tune in to my blog tomorrow for a better article!!!

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