“Cricket- From a Gentlemen’s Game to the Strongest Man’s Game”

This article is written by a cricket fanatic who loved the way this wonderful game was played in the green soil.The subtle art of batsman ship which had a lot of class with it on par with that of a craftsman.But now after the advent of many T20 tournaments this art has become more of muscle power than of skill.

I’ve been a great fan of Cricket right from my childhood.In fact, having born in India and not knowing cricket is considered close to a sin here.During my days when cricket began more familiar and exciting to watch,I would think that batsman is like a King on the field who’s given a bat to strike the balls all along the ground as much as he can.During my teens, after understanding the theories of the game and propagating it proudly to my brother I really got a lot of respect for this game.I used to love ODI’s more than tests as the shorter version of the game struck the right balance of talent, skill, patience and all put together thought batting is a great art to watch.I used to go to my local grounds and see youngsters play gully cricket close to a baseball with leg side always given a lot of importance in the game and the more powerful you are the better batsman you become.I used to come back home and get engrossed myself seeing Sachin, time the ball for the straight drive.Those days filled with eagerness to learn the game and see the beauty of batsman ship in  television was really awesome.

Nowadays, cricket has become something close to an action packed movie for three hours.People liked shorter version but those marketers have exploited the love of cricket and made this game as short as twenty overs with same rules and regulations.The batsman now is close to a wrestler waiting to hit the ball into space.When the ball reaches space, if the batsman is muscular enough it goes and hits the crowd else it sits handsomely into the fielder’s  hands.The bowlers who were once fearsome in cricket are now the guys who fear the most and who strain their necks more than their shoulders 😛 (looking back at the ball hit over their head). Cricket also has some music and dance to fill the breaks.

The primary reason why marketers and advertisers run behind this game called Cricket is not that they love the game.Its because in no other popular game take for example football,hockey,formula one racing etc., you can’t fit in more advertisements as you can do with cricket.Virtually, if you want  to popularize something new among masses, Cricket is the way those those follow.I do agree that sponsors are important but the concept of the game must never be sacrificed for the sake of advertisement.

I don’t want to remove T20 concept completely away from cricketing circles.What I want is to reduce the amount of tournaments supporting this concept of cricket at the mercy of the sponsors.seeing a T20 match on television has reached an overdose among people and its high time people get resistant for the Love of Cricket.The concept of Sports and entertainment should not be mixed and both are suppose to go on a parallel track not together.

Ram Thilak

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