The Brain behind iRevolution!!

This article is dedicated posthumously for one of the greatest innovators in the field of consumer electronics and who had revolutionized the way we feel technology in the information age- Yes I’am talking about Steve Jobs…The Brain behind the iRevolution. I’am writing this article for two reasons: as an Apple fan and to respect a great human being.

Steve has changed the field of design and has given more intuitive devices reaching both the hearts and brains of the consumers.I personally like his innovation of iPod which made music closer to your soul.That innovation was like a blessing to music lovers and was a boon to Apple to save the company’s fortune and to get their profits back.Some of Steve’s principles like “To make technology functional keeping its elegance intact”, is what makes Apple’s products truly classy.The use of animation and intuitive graphical user interface in all its devices makes your feel of using its products very personal and touchy.The biggest difference between a contemporary company Microsoft with Apple is its love for design and taste in all its products.As Steve quotes, “Apple’s products are not made for consumers, they’re made for their use itself ensuring that the best is given out of all its innovations” This is an excellent management principle to follow which will enable us to attain excellence easily in all our works.

Though, Steve’s management style has been described as rude by many persons, he’s still be far the best person of the Silicon Valley in comparison with all his contemporary innovators.As I always say, human emotions are contagious , the passion for work and excellence which Steve showed in his works was absorbed by his employees which has made Apple one of the most influential companies in the world.Steve has made one of the most pressurizing job in this universe as a CEO as the most exciting one with a simple strategy “Just love whatever work you do, the rest will take care of itself “.

Steve has left a lacuna in the field of consumer electronics which cannot be occupied by someone else.But, Steve will still continue to show his reminiscence in this world through his products.

May your soul rest in peace Steve Jobs- An innovator par excellence

Ram Thilak

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