Time- A Word Playing Different Roles

The word which keeps us moving through the day and gives us a lot of deadlines to accomplish is not that big to hear or hard to pronounce yet it fears us all the while-TIME.Taking this concept of time and memories into a larger spectrum its hysterical that Time actually does a lot of good to us indirectly.I might sound ridiculous but have a lot of facts for justification.

Take for example, a sad incident has occurred in your house.Initially, you will be heartbroken for the loss of a dear one and the impact of the loss will trouble you throughout.But as time progresses, the magnitude of the impact fades and you start retaining yourself back during the course.If you look at the reason behind this, its purely Time which changes your thought.Time has got the potent to heal any loss.Its like when you put your heart and soul in the events of life you’ll observe that everything keeps changing and every aspect of human life keeps changing.When a thought keeps lingering into your mind and the surrounding elements also intensify it only then your emotions are kindled and that thought reaches your sub conscious.The interesting part here is that this theory applies both for positive and negative thoughts.So when you visualize yourself with positive thoughts and your environment also enhances your love for it then there’s every chance you’ll achieve it.

I don’t wanna sound pessimistic so did include some optimism with sad incident.But then, the crux is that time is all with your hands.Believe in it and work simultaneously with it and when the situation demands never hesitate to work against it also.After all, every human on earth has the same 24 hours, how you manage it is “The Thing” about time.

Hope all of you become great time managers and create more time for yourself…..

Ram Thilak

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