The Incessant Need For A Spiritual Force!!!

First of all, I’am writing this article not having any religion in my mind. The word spiritual here refers to something transcendental, something which is way beyond the theoretical explanation, something which defies science and is something which gives a meaning to the way you live.

As a teenager, having not experienced all the things in life, I’am writing this, so as to make people understand that if we realize the importance of spirituality early in our lives, the trajectory of our life changes and it goes beyond the expectations we have. The present generation(in which I’am also a part of), which is popularly called as Liberalization’s Grandchildren, have lived a life filled with freedom, happiness, togetherness along with love and compassion. This generation is extremely confident and are changing the ways our country has been moving so far. But besides all these optimisms, there is a big lacuna when it comes to spiritual growth and spiritual maturity. No matter how far we go in our lives, how big we achieve, as humans we do need something beyond mankind to realize our inner-self.Here spiritual I mean, can be something with or without form but there has to be one. That one thing is going to guide the way you live.A thing which has all the goodness and principles to be followed for a happy living.

The world has had many developments and improvements from the day it began.Everything has suffered a  change in this world but one thing which has remained unchanged is the Spiritual Belief.We have numerous technological advancements around us which we believe to make us happy.But during tough times (that’s when we rely on something spiritual), we ask help from someone whom we just believe to solve our difficulties.Ultimately, what I’am trying to tell you is that we need something beyond mankind, which we believe can alleviate our troubles and bring happiness back to us.This will ultimately boosts our spirits, and when this happens automatically good things come back.

In our life, beyond the materialistic growth, spiritual growth also plays an important role.I’am not telling you to follow superstitions and useless traditions, but the core of the belief along with the good things which you feel by following it must not be ignored.You can use any path (or belief) to nurture your spiritual growth.The path which you use is less important to the connection between You and the Spiritual side. So, meditate, visualize, analyse and discover the completeness you get after nourishing your spiritual side along with your material life.Only when both things grow simultaneously, your life will have a meaning and you’ll get a sense of satisfaction.

Ram Thilak

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