There is Never a “The Last Thing” in Life!!!

During your student years, a popular statement stated by most teachers during board exams goes this way, “This is the exam that is going to be your life changer.If you’re able to give your best in this exam, your life is settled.”I believed this when I was going to face my board exams and gave my best shot at it.Now looking backwards, I find how foolish I was to believe it.This is because in life there is nothing called “The Last Thing”.Optimistically speaking, those fears did motivate us to do well but that fear still lies with all of us every time we face exams.

In case, you do well in your exams and get into a good college.From there on, you have to perform well again and compete with a peer group who are as good as you are.Hence, you are suppose to work hard yet again and this time even harder.The process goes on this way and goes on forever.You can’t escape work in your life but what you can do is love the work you do.When you do a job well, next time you’ll naturally be given a tougher task .Life always gives you tougher challenges at every step of success.Outwardly, it might look like a last thing but going deep into it we’ll understand that the struggles we face every day keeps on increasing steadily.We have to derive the tinge of happiness out of every struggle.

There is another dimension of looking into this philosophy.Never in life there is something called a final chance. Failure is just a delay in the progress of success but not absolute defeat.We generally get carried away by external factors (people) when we fail, unable to bear the insult of failure.The world might speak ill about you now but its temporary. When you wake up from your failure and strike back it will praise you.Only those who wake up from failures reach the pinnacle of success. So, never get bogged down for anything and transform your anger of failure into your fuel which will drive you towards success.Anger and Happiness are powerful energies.We have to transform it according to our situations and use it wisely.

The struggles and hardships in our lives keep on increasing like a graph.The graph traces its path as long as your life reaches your destiny.I remember one statement from Steve Jobs’s commencement address at Stanford.Jobs said, “Keep Looking!! and Don’t settle”.It goes well with this philosophy.Just  keep moving in your life and after every failure think “So What? What Next!!”.There are more commas in life and never a full stop…..

Ram Thilak

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  1. Hai Ram,I like your way of looking at life….What you wrote was exactly true!!! Actually,i have personally experienced it. Let me share my experience here…As you Said if we keep something as the last thing in life, you will work hard to achieve it but at a later stage after attaining it you will wonder what to do next and the life may be vexing later on….So Success is something which is a transformation from one challenge to another challenge!!! and its a never ending process!!! As You rightly said "There are more commas in life,and never a full stop!!!" Best Wishes!!!

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