Doctor- A Costly Customer!!!

The medical system in India takes a lot from the American System of Medicine.Its always the case with India, we always ape the west and we always take the wrong things rightly!!! A generation ago, there will be a doctor in the neighborhood who will treat all the ailments.Nowadays, even for minor complications we have to meet a specialist with many degrees behind his name. He doesn’t treat us directly and requires the help of all the sophisticated tests for treatment.This is the plight of medical practice in this country.I just can’t imagine how under privileged people can manage the enormous expenses.

Though, most of them have medical insurances and accident covers available, its really pathetic to see the amount of money wasted in hospitals and its allied services.The biggest disadvantage of these scans and tests is that, it is purely momentary and has no significance after its taken.Every service attached directly or indirectly with the hospital has become costly and has become rich-man’s domain.Doctors are no longer service-oriented and running a hospital is a booming business now.Poor people and those with recurring ailments are the most affected ones.People generally don’t prefer going to Government hospitals because of sub standard service there and hence are forced to come to expensive private hospitals.The condition is so worse that even for taking the corpse, money plays a vital role.

What hurts people more is that, these doctors take excess money and are also heartless. In developed countries at least the doctors take some concern on their patients which is lacking in India.I’am not blaming all the doctors, good ones equal to God are also there but predominantly doctors have become business professionals in white coats who absorb money from you.These doctors compare themselves with Software Professionals and hence charge more money .If earning a lot of money is your ultimate goal then why choose Medicine as your profession? You could have very well chosen some other lucrative job instead of doctor.

India has a capitalist economy but doctors and hospitals must not follow it.I don’t ask the doctors to treat free of cost.I ask them to have a heart and at least treat one poor patient free for every ten patients.Whatever we say, we are dependent on you for our health.We request you not to misuse our dependency.Coming in a Mercedes or in a BMW alone will not get you respect, you have to earn it being a doctor!!!

Ram Thilak

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