Success!! Easy to Attain but Difficult to Maintain!!

The days are gone, when the secrets of success and excellence are not known to all aspiring people.We are living in the days of Information Technology and every  information( good/bad) is accessible at a finger’s click.The important factor which differentiates you from the crowd is your thought process of what you actually want and to be more specific what you actually choose.

I recently searched the internet (Googled it!! to be more specific) to find what does international network offers me when I typed “The Secrets Of Success”.I got into some interesting websites which offered the best motivational words in the planet.It was thought provoking while reading it.Then, I thought the whole world has got access to this information.Such motivational words were not available to my previous generations when demanded but they’re right in front of me when I needed it. People can get motivated and charged up so easily now but do they carry forward the same enthusiasm throughout? I’m also one among people.

The prime reason why most people after reaching the pinnacle of success can’t sustain there is because most of us are doing jobs with money as a prime motivator.I don’t deny money is an important parameter in choosing a job but its not the only factor.Like I have mentioned in my previous blog post, There is nothing called “A Last Thing” in life, every step of success comes with a sacrifice.Outwardly, success might look glamorous but it does come with a lot of hidden pain.More money paid for your work, means more responsibility.

There are two ways not to get bored in life.The first way is the easiest way is to live in the present, setting daily targets and living a life devoid of tensions and pressures.The second way is to set very high standards that will keep us working to achieve it all thorough our career. Whatever way you choose, your sustenance in success will determine your magnitude of achievement in your life.This is because competition is immense at every step of success.

There are two things which people who maintain success follow, “They Love what they do!!” and “They accept the difficulties they face at the cost of success”.And I forgot to add one, as Baba Ranchodas (in 3 idiots) says “Go behind excellence and success will follow you.”But don’t forget to maintain success…

Ram Thilak

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