Westernization not at the expense of losing individualism!!!!

Globalization, liberalization and freedom have been the keywords of the present generation. Every child of the modern era has been exposed to the western culture and traditions.I welcome the concept of mixing of diverse cultures but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your individuality and ape the west.

India- the country filled with a lot of traditions has sustained the global meltdown in economy because our ancestors made us understand the importance of saving money.Those practices in India made us (or even making us) somehow manage the recession and inflation.I’m also against some of the worthless superstitions and futile practices on our culture but the strengths of being Indian must not be sacrificed at the cost of westernization.

The reason why I write this article is because India now has a lot of manpower and human resource.The number of consumers is increasing day by day and seeing this Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail is proposed by our Government.Our population which has been a curse for long is seen as a boon by foreign players who are stepping into our territory to dominate.The increase in the number of malls and multiplexes in  metros is an indication of spending culture growing among youths.It has become a temptation for FDI in retail.

I blame our parents partly for this radical change in mindset of youth.Our parents have to make us understand that earning money is not as easy as spending money.We have been pampered a lot till our education is completed.Post our education, with overflowing IT jobs and lucrative pays we fail to understand the importance of saving money.When everything we get is easy, we fail to feel the difficulty.I don’t ask you to be a miser or be a spendthrift but achieving a moderation between these two extremes is what I want the present earning generation to reach.We may wear western attires and speak foreign languages but always be an Indian at heart.Keep in mind, “Money Saved is Money Twice Earned”.

Ram Thilak

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