2011-The Year of Social Media!!!

2011 has finally reached its end with everyone wishing others through the social media.This medium of communication is the most widely used forms of communication now and preferred by youngsters.Mobile phones with internet facilities and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA’s ) are on the rise hence, this powerful means of communication is only going to become stronger as the years roll on.The biggest advantage of social networking sites and news media is that it reaches every household irrespective of differences which  helps us in creating a mass movement.

The burning question is that, “Are we using this powerful social media wisely?”.I can exemplify my argument with two recent examples.Being an Indian, and having witnessed these events in my locale I take these are convenient examples.Two high-profile events which occurred in India this year were, Anna Hazare Anti-Corruption Campaign and the next one is the “Why This Kolaveri Di” hit song.You could think I’am joking but the reach of both these events are similar and both penetrated deep into people only because of social media.Out of these above mentioned events, one event is suppose to change history and the other event is just for entertainment.Entertainment in one’s life is important, I don’t deny it but should it be given as importance as a history-changing event? This is where people must start using social media wisely.

Children are exposed to computers very early but they are not instructed on how to use it.Parents must inculcate to children on how much they can learn from the computers and internet.Computers and internet has a plenty of information more the songs and movies.The minds of children has to be fine-tuned accordingly to create a thirst for computing among children.When children start using the technology wisely, then they will become responsible citizens. We lost a man who proclaimed the Digital Hub and Digital Lifestyle, this year.We lost the iconic Steve Jobs, a true visionary. On the whole, this year has lost genuine people and has also ended the lives of ruthless people like Osama Bin Laden.

Lets all use the social media wisely and make our world a better place!!!! Lets hope 2012 to be better than ever..:)

Ram Thilak

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