Relive After Death!!!

Death is something inevitable in one’s life.It happens to every living being on earth.Even, the techno wizard Steve Jobs describes death as the “Single best invention of life and as a Life’s Change Agent”.We have had so many advancements in almost all fields of science yet we still fail to accept death as a part and parcel of one’s life.Death cannot be escaped but now we can make parts of our body stay on earth when our soul departs.Yes, I’m talking about Organ Donation after death.

India’s biggest advantage and disadvantage is population.Around 1000+ people die everyday in India and if people come forward for eye donation we can make every person in India to see the world.In India, organ donation can be done only to brain dead patients.But, the knowledge about cadaver organ donation is not known to all and hence most of the organs get wasted as ash which can save lives.People must understand the importance of this great deed and should voluntarily come forward to do this.

This is a miserable world and we commit a lot of sins during our lives.No one is living an absolutely sacred life.The death of a person is a great personal loss to their family and friends.Nobody can fill the lacuna of the departed soul but their organs can still stay on earth and give a new lease of life for many suffering people.At least while leaving this world we can do something good and there is no big deed than donating one’s organs.Lets all make it a point to make ourselves enrolled for organ donation and propagate this idea among masses.

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