Spread your Sweetness..:-)

This is my second sonnet.It has something’s which I’ve learnt in my life till now.

We are born as humans for something specific,
Don’t live a life devoid of goals and modesty,
Though not all dreams are realistic,
Thinking beyond ourselves gives us immense joy.

Your stay on this planet is uncertain,

Yet every day we think about the next day,
That’s the mystery many scholars try to ascertain,
But they too end their lives and go away.

We fail to talk with people when they are alive,
Then we cry hard for them when their soul departs,
There is no use in storing your sweetness as in a beehive,
Spread the sweetness in you without any limits.

In spite of all the uncertainty in this mysterious world,
Lets live in the present with eyes on tomorrow!!!

Ram Thilak

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